For Christmas I made many pairs of gloves. Each person who received the fingerless gloves LOVED them. I’m finally uploading the pictures. These aren’t even half the pairs of gloves. In addition a few of the skeins of yarn had enough left over for ear covers!

The first pair was for my boyfriend’s Aunt’s 50th! I then followed up with three different colored ear covers as a Christmas gift, the first of which is below.

wpid-20141220_133324.jpg          wpid-20141222_180104.jpg

A close up of the cover.


The glove pattern is from ravelry:

The cost of the gloves was about $4 for a skein of yarn, but I never used the full skein. Then about $2-3 for nice buttons. I wouldn’t use my plain buttons, because they just didn’t look good enough, I highly recommend going for the nice stuff.

Total time was about 45minutes per glove. I would consider myself an average skill level.


We were watching our friend’s dog Walter over the holidays. It just so happens the red pair was for her, so I forced him to be my glove-picture background. The black pair was for my best friend, they look much more snazzy than the picture shows, the yarn is glittery!


In addition I made a blue pair for another bestie, a matching green ear cover to go with the gloves to my boyfriend’s niece, a brown pair for my boyfriend’s mom and a few more ear covers to use up the rest of the yarn. This pattern was simple and effective, I give it an A+

My Christmas Wreath [In place of a tree]

I’ve been in small apartments for a long time. Even when I lived in a moderate house a tree seemed like a silly idea.  I’m still at the age where my Christmas Holidays are spent with parental units of one sort or another. Having my own tree is not only a fire hazard, bust a mess to clean up. Not to mention it gives Blue a target for his pee.

Start with clippings from my in-laws’ Christmas tree, clippers and thin wire.


Assure that your pet is not going to steal the branches.


Then it’s just a process of laying some branches in a general arch shape and binding them with wire. Every three branches or so I would bind.  It’s key to bind the “back” part of the wreath, i.e. the hidden parts that you won’t see from the front. Leave any small branches and anything that would stick out, free of wire. If you do need to use any of the small bits to bind, make sure that there are enough other branches to hide your wire.  I usually wait to use the smaller branches to give the wreath shape at the end of the process.  This year I added a few thicker branches that had no green in the back for extra support and shape.


After the wreath was made and shaped I hung it on the wall where a picture frame had hung.  The weight of the wreath made it sag, so I added another nail at the base and let the wreath rest on that.  Many people will now trim the wreath to get a better circular shape, but I like the natural look of a wild wreath.

Next it was time for DECORATION!  I had two strings of crochet stars hanging around, plus all the crochet flowers I had made this past weekend.  I debated putting on my crochet skulls, but they weren’t the color scheme I was going for.


Blue shown with presents and our Christmas Wreath. I usually wrap presents in brown paper with ribbons. However Kyle had a HUGE roll of wrapping paper from last year, so it would be silly not to use it.  You can see both styles of presents in the above picture.

Grandmother’s Xmas Gifts: Scarves

I finally decided what I wanted to get/make my grandmothers for Christmas, scarves to fit their style (hopefully) and life.  One grandmother lives in Myrtle Beach overlooking the ninth hole of a golf course.  I often notice her wearing white or light colors and of course the dashes of gold and silver. While visiting her over the Thanksgiving holiday my mother dragged us to the yarn store and I found all the yarn I needed. My original idea for her was a white cowl with gold trim.  However at Knit and Pearl in Myrtle Beach a new white with gold flecks spun into the yarn was the perfect choice.  I also bought two gold buttons.  This pattern was found on  I added an extra column by doing an additional 6 chain one in the first row and then an additional fan on each following row.

wpid-20141207_185423.jpg wpid-20141207_185437.jpg

The cowl is meant to be twisted behind the neck so that the roses and buttons are on opposite sides when finished and when worn both are turned front.


My other grand mother lives in Southern Virginia and is a pastor at a small church. I wanted to make her something she could wear to stay warm while preaching and I hope I picked the right colors for style and decorum.  Again the yarn is from Knit and Pearl in Myrtle Beach, it is an EXTREMELY soft heavy weight yarn. The pattern is simple and is my own. Chain 31: chain 3 and turn row of 30 double crochets; chain 3 and turn for a row of 30 double crochets front post, back post alternating. To make the cross (counting the chain 3 as the first DC) it was 13 double crochets in white, 5 in brown and 13 in white, seven times, and two rows of 9-13-9, then 4 more rows of 13-5-13 (maintaining the rows alternating between normal, and front post/back post). For ease I had two balls of white yarn so that I didn’t have to cut or hide any yarn when changing colors.

wpid-20141207_190453.jpg wpid-20141207_190459.jpg

If I did this again, I would make the scarf skinnier and longer. As you can see the neck portion is skinnier than the ends. I would like to say I planned this, but I was getting concerned that the scarf wouldn’t be long enough and I couldn’t go back and buy more yarn, so I made the rows only 27 double crochets wide for the brown. After trying it on, I could see that it was preferable to have a skinnier neck area so that it will fit better and not bunch up.


And finally with all the bits of yarn left I made some flowers.

Bottom left is done, ch12; 1DC, 1hDC, 1 SC in 3rd chain from hook; then in each remaining chain 1 SC, 1hDC, 1 DC, 1hDC, 1 SC. The flower will curl up on it’s own.

The two brown roses are done like in the pattern above.

The big white flower is done with ch3, 9 DC in first chain, join; chain 3, 2 DC in first DC, chain 3, join to base DC, stitch over into next base DC. repeat around and join.


“Serious” Hat for Work

I made the hat below back in the spring and with this cold snap I’ve finally had the opportunity to wear it. Then yesterday at work I had to stand up for myself in the morning meeting, I was pretty angry.  Later I was told (jokingly) that it was hard to take my anger seriously in such a pretty hat with a non-threatening flower on it.

wpid-20141012_085326.jpg Last night I decided to make a more serious and threatening hat.  I used the basic hat pattern to begin, then I attempted a “flame design.” I won’t say it failed because I still like it, but they definitely don’t look like flames. In the first round of yellow I did this pattern: slip stich, single crochet, half double, double, half double, single, repeat. The next round I did the same pattern but had 2 double crochets into the pervious round’s double crochet instead. I did singe crochets around with the orange which was a very lightweight yarn.  The red was done with a round of back stitch single crochets and a round of regular single crochets, then two more rounds of black double crochets.

                 wpid-20141118_221322.jpg wpid-20141118_221327.jpg wpid-20141118_224238.jpg

For the skull I used a pattern I found here: using google. I then stitched it onto the hat.  As you can see in the first two pictures I added earflaps.  However I have to ride my bike around when at work and those ear flaps won’t keep the wind out, so I added the tassles and braided them so that I could secure the hat to avoid wind. It works wonders!

Today I was told that my hat was much more acceptable for kicking ass during meetings. Success!


Hats, Hats, HATS, hats, Hats.

If you’re making Christmas presents, always start early!

Below is my Rafeal ninja turtle hat, made for a similarly name friend, on the left to it is a minion hat for my sister.  Both hats are made with a standard hat pattern, all I did was change colors as I went to make the base patterns.  On the back of the Rafeal hat are two rectangular pieces hanging down to make it seems like the red eye band is 3D.  The eyes are sewn on felt.   For the minion hat  I do not like where I placed the ear flaps, so I’m going to redo the hat and give the reject to someone else.  However the eye is made with a circle pattern and then sewn on with yarn.


This is the hat for my Niece, it is also a minion hat.  To keep straight lines when transitioning colors I realized that the first row of the new color should be all front post stitches. Otherwise you get a zig zag color change.  I also like the gray strap in lieu of the black strap.  I might make a similiar change for my sister’s new hat.


This is my bender hat! I made it for myself.  I made a solid gray hat with ear flaps. then I made a gray rectangle and two rounded cylinders for the eyes. The eyes are stuffed to keep the shape.  The antenna was made free hand starting at the top of the hat, it is a reducing cylinder with a ball on top.  the pupils for the eyes are done with a small bit of black yarn. Bender’s pupils are actually rectangular, so next time I get my hands on black felt I will change the hat by sewing on the pupils.


This hat I made back in spring. Solid teal with ear flaps and a free hand flower.  I just wish I had more matching outfits.


Kyle got a new pattern for fingerless gloves or wrist warmers and so I tried it out using the rest of the gray yarn.


Blue was not a fan of the gloves.


Kyle made himself a pokeball hat.  Note: When guys crochet it’s called “brocheting”.  He used a basic hat pattern with the front post back post method to achieve the texture you see.  You can see how his color transitions look wavy where mine are more of a straight line.  Kyle either had to choose between texture or straight color lines, obviously I think texture takes precedent here.


Hemp Clutch

More Hemp!!! Based on the semi success of the hemp purse, I thought ‘Why not a Hemp Clutch?’


Here are the three stages of the purse. Center is the multi color crochet rectangle. I chained a row and then did dc, chain one, (skip a chain) dc, chain one etc. At the end I chained three, turned around and did dc, chain one in each space. The green shows the rectangle sewn up the side. To sew up the sides I did 2 sc in each hole, chain one and repeat in the next hole. The red bag shows the final product. I made the insert then using a sewing machine stitched it into the hemp bag.


Close up of the green. The green actually has a different pattern than the red and multicolor. Every other row I did a two scs into each hole.


Crochet multicolor rectangle. I like the way the crochet pattern makes it look like a zig zag.


Here are the bags shown with their insert fabric and zippers. The zippers are each 7 inches.


The final products with hemp zipper pulls.

Hemp Purse/Bag


I got the idea for a hemp purse from the purse shown above.  This purse is from Columbia that a friend brought back.   The reason I attempted the project was because I just bought cider and wanted to do something with my hands while watching Friday Night Stand up on Netflix.  This is also a live-blogging situation. Although I made this just before the framed pin cushion, this is the second new project I’ve posted.


This is the one I made, not as colorful, but I like it. I’m thinking of putting a fabric liner on the inside. Fun to note: the cat is currently laying on the bag, he really likes it.  This is a possibly etsy idea, of course I never like my first generation products, and this doesn’t have nearly enough color. I think with more color and a liner this could be a good sale.

Star Trek Coozies

One football Sunday while having some mimosas and watching Green Bay (ugh) I got the idea to crochet some coozies.

2013-09-08 14.14.37

I basically made a circle by starting with a loop, single crochet around it, then increased the amount of stitches with each row.  Once it was the same radius as the can, I continued with the same number of stitches up the sides using a double crochet which created my cylinder.

2013-09-08 14.31.50

Once I reached a good height I decided to make the coozie “themed.”  I used an accent yarn in a cross stitch fashion and decided to attempt the Star Trek chevron.

2013-09-08 16.22.31 

I wasn’t very successful. My friends think the black one is a mustache and the gray one is a dolphin. I know what they are.