Winnie the Poo Baby Quilt

My best friend from college is having a baby! As soon as I heard the news my next question was “What is the theme of the nursery?” and she answered with yellow, green, and Winnie the Poo. This quilt was made back in the fall and finally shipped in December. I started planning as soon as I could.

One of my favorite Winnie the Poo stories is the ‘Little Black Rain Cloud’ episode where Poo pretends to be a rain cloud in order to steal some honey from a tree.  The basic concept is a semi-pixelated tree with a cross stitch Winnie. The second image below shows the type of squares I will need. When picking out fabric I found the most wonderful Winnie the Poo print of the little black raincloud episode, the main colors were yellow and gray. Instead of having a brown tree I decided to match the fabric and found the right shade of gray.

wpid-20141030_095454.jpg          wpid-20141030_095450.jpg

A few of the images below show how I made the triangular blocks.

  1. Place the two colors right side together and fold in half point to point.
  2. Iron to make a sewing guide.
  3. Sew just to one side of the crease.
  4. Cut about 1/4 from the seam on the opposite side of the crease.
  5. Iron flat.


wpid-20141118_161344.jpg          wpid-20141118_161410.jpg

To make the other squares the process is similar; iron the fabric to create guides and sew to the opposite side of the crease. Then, cut off excess fabric and iron flat.

wpid-20141030_103151.jpg          wpid-20141118_162239.jpg

A few different blocks are shown below. A lot more planning went into the squares than usual as I wanted all the Winnie the Poo fabric to lay the same way, upright in reference to the tree.


After all the squares were made it was time to layout the design and see where I made mistakes! Once again, all the Winnie the Poo fabric was to lay upright. The main issue I found was that I didn’t cut enough solid blocks of green, gray and white. I missed about 3-7 blocks of each color. This is an easy fix as all I had to do was cut more.

wpid-20141118_161405.jpg    wpid-20141118_161302.jpg

Here are some images of the quilt top laid out. I think these photos do a great job of illustrating the small size of my workroom.

wpid-20141109_114936.jpg           wpid-20141109_114916.jpg

What is missing? Winnie the Poo!  I choose where I wanted Winnie to be placed which was over three vertical squares. The squares were sewn together which left me with the hard part, the cross stitch.

1. I found the image on the internet and printed it out. I then traced over all the solid lines on a separate paper.


2. I traced over my original with a dark permanent marker so that the lines would be visible.


3. In order to keep the cross-stitch bold and bright, I affixes a solid white piece of fabric behind the three verticle squares. This was to stiffen up the fabric and add a white background so that when cross stitching I had more meat to hold onto.

Now, how do I get this image onto fabric?

4. Initially I held the image behind the fabric and then tried to hold it up to the window to be able to trace. But I’m smarter than that. I have lights! The first image shows the headlamp on my leg so I could trace the image onto the fabric. The second image shows what I was able to see using this method. The light had to be moved around a few times. The third image shows the tracing complete.

wpid-20141109_121029.jpg          wpid-20141109_121015.jpg          wpid-20141109_121514.jpg

Then begins the arduous journey that is cross stitch.

wpid-20141109_121654.jpg           wpid-20141111_112513.jpg          wpid-20141111_145321.jpg

Back to the sewing! I always sew columns first. Here they are completed and laid out in order:


Half way done and then complete!

wpid-20141201_201702.jpg              wpid-20141203_164356.jpg

Almost done . . . . The front is laid on the batting which is laid on the back. I used the Winnie the Poo print on the back.  Since this was a baby quilt I used 3 layers of batting. Then pin it everywhere!


Blue is helping me cut the binding. I decided to go with gray across the top and bottom since most of those blocks were green and green down the sides since the gray trunk ran down the middle of the quilt. It turned out to provide great contrast. Iron the binding!

wpid-20141203_165749.jpg          wpid-20141203_173005.jpg

Always make sure to have wine in hand when pinning, it makes the process go smoother. Here, I’m having a Chardonnay as it was still quite warm outside.


Me with the final product! I really like how it turned out. This is easily my best quilt to date and the one of which I’m most proud. The soon-to-be parents LOVED the quilt when it arrived and said “we might share it with the baby too.”


Mixed Media Nature Art – 2D Tree

I saw a similar project done either on Etsy or a blog here and wanted to give it a try. The concept was an embroidered tree trunk and branches with scraps of fabric hanging as leaves.  For mine, I did a bit of a change-up. Instead of sewing fabric onto the tree I cut my fabric into very thin strips and used it as embroidery thread. A few of the leaves are even done in the rug fashion where a loop is pulled through an empty square space.

Since it was such a nice fall day and my hammock was locked in the shed, I set up my picnic blanket and sat outside for inspiration.  Need: burlap fabric, brown and green embroidery thread, needles (one for thread, and a larger once with a bigger eye for the fabric), embroidery hoop, and scissors.  For a change of pace I had a tea on hand instead of a glass of wine. It seemed right.  Make sure to cut your fabric to your frame size and leave an extra inch all around for fudge-ups.


The finished tree with grass is shwon below.  I used three thread thickness for the trunk in two shades of brown. The darker shade is on the left and lighter on the right.  I mixed two threads of green with one thread of light brown for the grass.  All the embroidery is free hand.  Look at a tree, it is not just trunk and then leaves; you will see the upper branches through the leaves, hence the ghost branches you see floating in the sky.


Shown below is the finished product with the leaves on.  I used red, green, orange leaf pattern and green leave pattern quilting fabric.   These were from fabric squares that I had bought at random.  I try to keep all of the colors of the rainbow on hand for when I need to do crafts such as this and I always restock the fabric squares when they go on sale for a dollar.


I wanted to do a larger frame, but then I realized I had already used it for another picture.  This frame was lying around and looked perfect!  Another shopping habit I have is to buy cheap frames at thrift stores when I see ones that are interesting.   So, for random crafts like this, I have all the supplies on hand.  After I took the picture, I moved the tree more center.  Remember how I said to leave an extra inch all the way around?  You’ll thank yourself later.  I had originally planned to put in a bush or some flowers next to the tree but I didn’t want to get ahead of myself.


During the embroidery phase I was listening to the Stuff You Missed in History Class Podcast and I’ve been listening to them during a lot of my projects. I find that it lets me focus on the visual aspect of what I’m doing while also having something going on for me to learn about. It’s just wonderful and better than tv, because I can’t look down and miss anything!

Cross Stitch Art

After the success of my first cross stitch project see: I decided I wanted to make some more. I thought about selling on Etsy but the competition there is not for me.  I think I will stay local.


Above is the collection of frames we got from our local Thrift Store.  Above right is the frame I’m using for my grandparent’s let it snow project.


First I had to dismantle the frame.  This is the frame I used for the Princess Bride art. I used the current artwork to get the right size.

DSCF4018  DSCF4026

I did the same for the let it snow. I reused the cross stitch fabric for the let it snow backing and I used a small piece of another re purposed cross stitch art for the back of the Princess Bride.

DSCF4024 DSCF4027

Here is the Princess Bride fabric in the hoop.  I wanted the quote to be in the sky.   After I stitched the ‘As You Wish’ I cut away the excess.


Here is the let it snow in the hoop. I did not have to cut away the extra fabric for the ‘Let it Snow’ because it was the same size as the frame.


Shown: Sealing the fabric into the frame. I put the frame back the way I took it apart and then used some brown paper bag material to seal it in and cover it up. I always use hot glue to keep everything in place.


Final Product! This is the ‘As You Wish’.  I used the scene from the movie where Buttercup pushes the Dread Pirate Roberts down the hill. I freeze framed a youtube clip as inspiration.  It’s a tad crooked, but I learned my lesson and will keep this artwork and maybe make some more for sale. Maybe.


Final Products next to each other.

Pin Cushion Cross Stitch Frame

This is the first craft I am posting in real time!  I got the idea a few days ago, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to cross stitch again, and most of the frames I have left do not have glass.  So, I could not make it look like a picture I had to make it different.  Then, I remembered the earring holders I’ve seen which are basically a pin cushion in a frame that you hang in your bathroom. So I combined the ideas, bought some cider, and got crafting this evening.


The supplies: cross stitch fabric, blue fabric, cross stitch thread and an empty frame from a thrift store.  I again put the cross stitch fabric behind the blue fabric to make sure I stayed in line. Below you can see some minor mistakes in the first ‘o’ and I didn’t leave enough space between ‘a’ and ‘slut’. But you live you learn. I like it over all.



This is the finished product. “You look like a slut but I like it.”   This is an inside joke between me and the friend I made it for.


This is the frame hanging on the wall. To secure the fabric in the frame I used cardboard. I cut two pieces.  One was the size of the frame inset and the other was the size of the back of the frame. I put stuffing behind the fabric and then affixed it to the smaller cardboard with hot glue while in the frame to make sure everything looked right. Then I added the larger cardboard on top to secure everything and make the back look nice.

Cross Stitch DeGrasse Tyson Quote

2013-12-02 20.18.20-2

“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.” Neil deGrasse Tyson

I put cross stitch fabric behind the star fabric so that i could made sure I stayed true to form.  I am not very experienced in cross stitch; I just know the basics.  I added a white moon with an old sheet that is now extra fabric.  The grass is some green fabric I’ve had lying around for a while. The frame I picked up from a nearby Thrift Shop with three others like it – for other crafts.

I like it so much I might make myself one.