Spicing Up Our Pillows

Our couch is old, it has old pillows. But until we buy a house we’re not going to replace it. While looking through the remnant section of Jo Anns, I found some upholstery fabric that i liked! And I decided that this is the time to spice up our old couch. I made two pillow covers out of the fabric.

First I measured the pillow, they are about 18 by 18, so i cut one 20×20 square, then two 20 x 15 rectangles.


For the two rectangles, I did a double fold under for the hem on one 20-inch edge. I then overlapped those edges and put them right side in against the 20-inch square.


I was able to sew one continuous seam around the outside edge of the square. Then I snipped the corners flat and flipped it right side out using the overlapped fabric gap.


Finally I put the old pillows into the new cases and they look so good! It definitely brightens up the room. I don’t care that they do not match my couch mainly because nothing in my living room matches and secondly because nothing could match these old couches at this point.


My New Crafting Room

We moved houses in order for our dog to have a yard.  Walking him twice a day was tiring and he loves to just hang outside all day.  So, I had to make sure the new place had plenty of space to craft.  While I’m still restricted, this is a massive upgrade to my previous crafting space, which was basically me taking over the living room.


(Pic 1) Looking into the room from the door. In the left corner I’ve covered some unsightly boxes with scarves. The scarves will be re-purposed into bags (I’m done wearing them) but for now they are a good decor solution.


(Pic 2) In the back right corner is the majority of the supplies.  All the drawers are labeled. The top bin has all fabric, the bottom bin contains holiday decor.  The bin to the right at the bottom contains finished products (ready for craft fairs!)  The various bags hold excess brown bags which i use as wrapping paper, jeans that I use to stiffen many sewing projects, frames, and half finished products. The orange set of drawers belong to the boyfriend. He crafts too, but in a different sense. I’ll be posting our latest collaboration product shortly. I’m very excited for it.


(Pic 3) The Third Craft Bin.


Pic (4) My table all ready to start a new project. These colors are selected for my sister’s new baby. I’m ecstatic to begin. However I’ve realized I don’t have a straight edge to cut, I’d been using a piece of wood before.  I’ll buy one tomorrow and begin!


(Pic 5) This is the sewing table. In the background are buttons, threads, a set of drawers with various sewing accessories.  Behind the sewing machine is a shutter I got at the Good Will, I haven’t decided what to do with it but I like the inspiration so I will keep it out as a decoration for now. The singer is from my mother’s old place of work. About 10 years ago she was a sewing machine repair woman and there were about 10 sewing machine that had not been picked up by their owners for over 10 years. A few were donated to the girl scouts, and I got this one.


Welcome to my new battle station!