Shell-Cork-Frame Wall Art

My front door was naked after Christmas! I want to crochet some snow flakes for Jan/Feb, but in the mean time this will do.
I started with an empty glassless frame, shells collected in the outer banks, corks, and some painted flowers. The flowers and butterflies are from a wall decoration I found at the thrift store. I cut off the gold pieces and spray painted them various colors. There is no seal coat, which was not a smart thing in hind sight.


After a bit of hot glue, I was done!


I used a piece of cotton yarn as the loop with a dab of hit glue on the knot to seal it. This is pretty heavy for its size due to the shells.

If you love crafting I recommend a thrift store trip once a month to nab cheap frames and miscellaneous decor to repurpose. In addition drink loads of wine to keep a steady supply of corks on hand. If you collect shells get no more than you think you’ll need because shells contribute to the local ecosystems.

I added another frame after some thought.

Wine Cork Decor

The first thing I tried to make from wine corks was a turtle. This is still my best work and my favorite object.  The base was from a wooden decor bucket that broke.  I hot glued the wine corks on and the head is made from a champagne cork bottle.  The feet were cut with a box cutter on a cutting board. I have yet to find a better tool for corks than a box cutter.

2013-07-07 12.50.152013-07-07 12.50.19

The next project was taken straight from buzz feed/etsy. I made wine cork boards with bottle cap pins. Pretty straight forward. I later learned that if you do not have a deep picture frame, cut the corks in half.

2013-07-07 12.52.592013-07-07 12.53.05

I then made a giraffe because I wanted to be adventurous. Never make anything with long appendages. Make things that are pretty dense. Less chance of them falling apart.

2013-08-23 19.54.42

Finally I made a sailboat! The floor boards are from the same wooden decor bucket as the turtle, except I used the sides because the base was used.  I used mostly Rapadin River wine corks; it seemed fitting.  The sail is made from foam paper with various beer and wine wrappers. When I first started the sail looked like shit, but after I got enough of the right color wrappers, it looks just fine.  I usually keep bottle caps in the sailboat now.


At first the turtle sat on the front room table. But then I put it on the wall with some crab shells I had. It looks awesome.

   2013-11-20 17.25.16